Rosh HaShana 5783

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Dear friends,
The New Year is approaching fast, so here is our programme for this year’s Rosh Hashanah festivities!

Sunday, 25 September
Talmud Torah school year opening in Luxembourg City – 11:00
More info to follow – if your children do not yet attend our Talmud Torah programme, please get in touch with our rabbi.

Rosh Hashanah Evening Service – 19:00 (sharp)
Let us know if you want to do a reading or take part in the service more actively.

Rosh Hashanah Community Dinner – 20:00 (sharp)
Please register by 18 September. The menu can be seen here.

Places are limited and will only be confirmed upon payment. Please indicate whether you wish to have a vegetarian option. Otherwise we will assume you opt for the meat option.

Monday, 26 September
Rosh Hashanah Morning Service – 10:00
Let us know if you want to do a reading or take part in the service more actively.

En français :

Cher/e/s ami/e/s,
La nouvelle année approche à grands pas, voici donc notre programme pour les festivités de Rosh Hashanah de cette année !

Dimanche 25 septembre
Ouverture de l’année scolaire du Talmud Torah à Luxembourg-ville – 11h00
Plus d’informations à suivre – si vos enfants ne suivent pas encore notre programme de Talmud Torah, veuillez contacter notre rabbin.

Office du soir de Rosh Hashanah – 19h00 (précises)
Signalez-nous si vous souhaitez lire un passage ou participer à l’office d’une autre façon.

Dîner communautaire de Rosh Hashanah – 20h00 (précises)
Veuillez-vous inscrire avant le 18 septembre. Le menu peut être consulté ici.

Les places sont limitées et ne seront confirmées qu’après paiement. Veuillez indiquer si vous souhaitez une option végétarienne. Sinon, nous supposerons que vous optez pour l’option viande.

Lundi 26 septembre

Office du matin de Rosh Hashanah – 10:00
Signalez-nous si vous souhaitez lire un passage ou participer à l’office d’une autre façon.

This Week in Our Community

Saturday, 17 September, 20:00
Evening Service with Havdalah and Leil Slichot followed by potluck dinner.

Torah Weekly Portion Ki Tavo
When You Enter [the Land]
Deuteronomy 26:1–29:8
The Israelites are instructed to express their gratitude to God for their bountiful harvests and freedom from slavery by tithing ten percent of their crops for the Levite, the stranger, the orphan, and the widow. (26)
The people are told to display on large stones God’s commandments for all to see. (27:1-8)
The Levites are to proclaim curses upon those who violate God’s commandments. (27:15-26)
The Israelites are told that if they obey God’s mitzvot faithfully, they will receive every blessing imaginable. They are also told that if they do not fulfill their brit with God, many curses will descend upon them. (28:1-69)
Moses reminds the Israelites of the miracles they witnessed in the wilderness and commands them to observe the terms of the covenant so that they may succeed in all that they undertake. (29:1-8)

Haftarah: Isaiah 60:1-22

This Week in Our Community

Saturday, 10 September, 10:30-12:00
Shabbat Morning Service followed by community pot-luck lunch

Torah Weekly Portion
Ki Teitzei כִּי-תֵצֵא
When You Go Out (to Battle)
Deuteronomy 21:10–25:19
Moses reviews a wide variety of laws regarding family, animals, and property. (21:10–22:12)
Various civil and criminal laws are delineated, including those regarding sexual relationships, interaction with non-Israelites, loans, vows, and divorce. (22:13–24:5)
Laws of commerce pertaining to loans, fair wages, and proper weights and measures are given. (24:10–25:16)
The parashah concludes with the commandment to remember for all time the most heinous act committed against the Israelites—Amalek’s killing of the old, weak, and infirm after the Israelites left Egypt. (25:17–19)

Haftarah: Isaiah 54:1-10

A Musical World Tour from Israel with Love

Quoted “one of the most famous artists in Luxembourg” by the Luxemburger Wort, Magali Dahan (Galy) has appeared on several TV shows in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Morocco and is soon coming to Luxembourg for a special evening – “A musical tour of Israël”, accompanied on the piano by Franck Prevost.

Galy is the founder, artistic director, choreographer, and costume designer of Magma Show Paris, a show company featuring 50 artists, one hundred choreographies and 300 costumes. Magma Show has won several awards and critical claims, touring all over Europe with currently 15 shows on the road. 

Come for a beautiful evening of music, taste some Israeli wine during intermission, and enjoy a night to be remembered. Pre-registration to the event is mandatory, you can find the contact information and price below.

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This Week in Our Community

Friday, 2 September 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat (zoom only)

Torah Weekly Portion Shof’tim
Deuteronomy 16:18–21:9
Laws regarding both sacred and secular legislation are addressed. The Israelites are told that in every dealing they should pursue justice in order to merit the land that God is giving them. (16:18–18:8)
The people are warned to avoid sorcery and witchcraft, the abhorrent practices of their idolatrous neighbors. (18:9–22)
God tells them that should an Israelite unintentionally kill another, he may take sanctuary in any of three designated cities of refuge. (19:1–13)
Laws to be followed during times of peace and times of war are set forth. (19:14–21:9)

Haftarah: Isaiah 51:12-52:12

Sur les traces de l‘histoire juive de Mondorf

Mesdames, Messieurs,
Cher-e-s membres,

Le comité de l‘asbl „Les amis de l‘ancienne synagogue de Mondorf“,  le Syndicat d‘Initiative de Mondorf-les-Bains et la Commission culturelle de la Commune de Mondorf-les-Bains ont le plaisir de vous inviter à notre promenade historique „Sur les traces de l‘histoire juive de Mondorf“. 

Notre promenade historique aura lieu le 11 septembre à partir de 15h00 devant le Bierger- et Kulturhaus (mairie) de Mondorf-les-Bains.

Veuillez nous contacter par courriel pour plus d’informations.

Le comité de l‘asbl „Les amis de l‘ancienne synagogue de Mondorf“

This Week in Our Community

Summer closure

Dear members and friends,
Our Synagogue will enter its annual summer closure and reopen on 2 September with an open-air service in Luxembourg-City (weather permitting, otherwise we will meet on Zoom).
As we approach the High Holidays our annual fees letter should reach you in the next few days. If you do not receive it by mail, do let us know. As in previous years we encourage you all to go paperless. Please let us know whether you want to switch to paperless communication.
If you are not a member yet and would like to join our community, please get in touch.
Thank you all for your support over the past year!
For now, we wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back in the autumn.
Your Committee

Fermeture estivale

Cher(e)s membres et ami(e)s,
Notre synagogue entame sa fermeture estivale annuelle et rouvrira le 2 septembre avec un office en plein air à Luxembourg-Ville (si le temps le permet, sinon nous nous réunirons sur Zoom).
A l’approche des Fêtes austères, notre lettre de cotisation annuelle devrait vous parvenir dans les prochains jours. Si vous ne la recevez pas par courrier, faites-le nous savoir. Comme les années précédentes, nous vous encourageons tous à passer à une communication purement électronique. Veuillez nous faire savoir si vous souhaitez passer à la communication sans papier.
Si vous n’êtes pas encore membre, mais souhaitez le devenir, contactez-nous. 
Merci à tous pour votre soutien au cours de l’année écoulée !
Nous vous souhaitons un merveilleux été et nous nous réjouissons de vous retrouver à l’automne.
Votre Comité

Torah Weekly Portion
[And if You] Obey [These Rules]
Deuteronomy 7:12–11:25
Moses tells the Israelites that if they follow God’s laws, the nations who now dwell across the Jordan River will not harm them. (7:12–26)
Moses reminds the people of the virtues of keeping God’s commandments. He also tells them that they will dispossess those who now live in the Land only because they are idolatrous, not because the Israelites are uncommonly virtuous. Thereupon, Moses reviews all of the trespasses of the Israelites against God. (8:1–10:11)
Moses says that the Land of Israel will overflow with milk and honey if the people obey God’s commandments and teach them to their children. (10:12–11:25)

Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14-51:3

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 12 August, 19:00-20:30
(zoom only)

Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
[Moses] Pleaded with the Eternal
Deuteronomy 3:23–7:11
Moses pleads with God to let him enter the Land of Israel with the people, but God once more refuses his request. (3:23–28)
Moses orders the Children of Israel to pay attention and follow the laws given by God in order to be worthy of the land they are about to receive. (4:1–40)
Specific areas of the land are set aside to serve as cities of refuge. (4:41–43)
The covenant at Sinai and the Ten Commandments are recalled. Once again, the people are exhorted to heed God’s commandments. (5:1–30)
Moses speaks the words of the Sh’ma, the credo of Judaism, and commands Israel to show their love for Adonai and keep God’s laws and ordinances. (6:1–25)
Moses warns the people not to commit idolatry by worshiping the gods of the nations they will conquer in Israel. (7:1–11)

Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 5 August, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
Jahrzeit: Samuel Fuchs, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg (4 Av-1 Aug)

Saturday, 6 August, 10:30-12:00,
Former Synagogue of Mondorf

25, rue du Moulin
L-5638 Mondorf-les-Bains

Français ci-dessous

Shabbat Hazon Morning Service
Jahrzeit: Isaac Blumenstein, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg (10 Av-7 Aug)

The 9th of Av – Tisha be Av is a day of remembrance for the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, traditionally a day of sorrow and, at the same time, of hope. This year we invite you to a special Shabbat Morning Service on Shabbat Hazon (the Sabbath of Vision), Shabbat preceding Tisha be Av at the former synagogue of Mondorf. By gathering and praying in the former synagogue of Mondorf we would like to show the presence and resilience of Jewish life and honor this place of prayer and study for several generations of Luxembourgish and European Jews before the Shoah. I encourage you to join us on this special occasion. 
The service will be followed by a kiddush and a talk by a historian Daniel Thilman about the history of the synagogue. 
This service is organized together with the association “Les amis de l‘ancienne synagogue de Mondorf”.

Version française

Nous approchons du 9 Av – Tisha be Av, un jour de commémoration de la destruction du Temple de Jérusalem, traditionnellement un jour de tristesse et, en même temps, d’espoir. Cette année, nous vous vous invitons à un office spécial le matin du Shabbat Hazon (le Sabbat de la Vision), le Shabbat précédant Tisha be Av, qui aura lieu à l’ancienne synagogue de Mondorf  En nous rassemblant et en priant dans l’ancienne synagogue de Mondorf, nous souhaitons montrer la présence et la résilience de la vie juive et honorer ce lieu de prière et d’étude pour plusieurs générations de Juifs luxembourgeois et européens avant la Shoah. L’office sera en hébreu, anglais et français. L’office sera suivi d’un kiddush et d’une conférence de l’historien Daniel Thilman sur l’histoire de la synagogue.Cet office est organisé en collaboration avec l’association “Les amis de l’ancienne synagogue de Mondorf”.

Torah Weekly Portion
The Words
Deuteronomy 1:1−3:22
Moses begins his final words of instruction to the Children of Israel, focusing first on recounting their physical journey. (1:1–21)
Moses reviews the people’s reactions to the negative reports of the spies and the appointment of Joshua to succeed him. (1:22–45)
Moses recounts that all of the Israelite warriors who left Egypt died, as God had intended, and the people continued their wanderings and defeated their enemies. (2:14–3:11)
Moses reiterates that the Land of Israel was allocated to the Israelite tribes. (3:12–22)

Haftarah: Isaiah 1:-27

This Week in Our Community

Wednesday, 27 July, 19:00-21:00
Introduction to Judaism course

Friday, 29 July, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat followed by a community dinner at a restaurant.
Please register by 28 July.
Office suivi d’un dîner communautaire au restaurant.
Merci de vous enregistrer d’ici le 28 juillet.

Shabbat Hazon Morning Service in Mondorf
Office de Shabbat Hazon à la synagogue de Mondorf

Followed by kiddush and a talk by Daniel Thilman
suivi d’un kiddouch et d’une discussion avec Daniel Thilman

Saturday, 6 August, 10:30-12:00
Samedi, 6 août, 10h30-12h00

Former Synagogue of Mondorf
25, rue du Moulin
L-5638 Mondorf-les-Bains

Israel Wine Sales / Vente de vins israéliens

Torah Weekly Portion Matot – Mas’ei
מַטּוֹת – מַסְעֵי
The Tribes / The Marches of [the Israelites]
Numbers 30:2–36:13
Moses explains to the Israelites the laws concerning vows made by men and women. (30:2—17)
Israel wages war against the Midianites. (31:1—18)
The laws regarding the spoils of war are outlined. (31:19—54)
The tribes of Reuben and Gad are granted permission to stay on the east bank of the Jordan River. (32:1—42)
The itinerary of the Israelites through the wilderness from Egypt to Jordan is delineated. (33:1-49)
Moses tells Israel to remove the current inhabitants of the land that God will give them and to destroy their gods. (33:50-56)
The boundaries of the Land of Israel are defined, along with those of the Levitical cities and the cities of refuge. (34:1-35:15)
God makes a precise distinction between murder and manslaughter. (35:16-34)
The laws of inheritance as they apply to Israelite women are delineated. (36:1-13)

Haftarah: Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 22 July, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, 23 July, 10:30-12:00
Shabbat Morning Service

Torah Weekly Portion
Numbers 25:10−30:1
Pinchas is rewarded for killing the Israelite and the Midianite woman who cursed God. (25:10–15)
Israel fights a war against the Midianites. (25:16-18)
A second census is taken. (26:1–65)
The daughters of Zelophehad force a change in the laws of property inheritance. (27:1–11)
Joshua is chosen to be Moses’ successor. (27:15–23) The sacrificial ritual for all festival occasions is described in detail. (28:1–30:1)

Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3