About Our Community

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an exciting and dynamic Jewish community, celebrating the reality and the diversity of modern Jewish life in Luxembourg.

The synagogue warmly welcomes all Jews who wish to join our open and inclusive community. Jews from Israel, Europe, the US, South America, and many other countries can profit from our multilingual environment.

Our members include: traditional Jews (residing locally in Esch-sur-Alzette) and their families, liberal-minded Jews from across the grand region of Luxembourg, religious and secular jews, atheist, agnostics, mixed-faith couples (where both the Jewish and non-Jewish partner are welcome), ex-pats and international Jews, ashkenazim and sepharadim.

Our Values

The Jewish Community of Esch-sur-Alzette is an open and inclusive community with a diverse membership from across the Grand Region of Luxembourg.

We respect tradition and modernity, which is reflected by our rituals and practice, and welcome all Jews and their families who wish to participate in our activities and build our community.

The rich diversity of the community is apparent in the origins of our members, be they from Luxembourg or international, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, Francophone or Anglophone (or any other language), traditional or liberal, religious or secular, or somewhere in between.

We recognise our diversity but focus on what unites us, namely our Jewishness. Each of us has a different sense of what it means to be Jewish, but our broad definitions seek to open the doors of our community to all who wish to dwell within.

Our desire to preserve our traditions and heritage whilst staying in touch with the realities of twenty-first century life encourages us to maintain a pluralistic outlook and practical approach to Jewish ritual. We do not discriminate between our members according to their gender or sexuality. Each member can play a full part in the life of our community, and is encouraged to do so.

We acknowledge that many Jews today live happy lives in mixed-faith relationships. We welcome them and their families, and encourage their children to receive a Jewish education in our Talmud Torah. We require a process of affirmation of Judaism for all our children before their bar-mitzvah/bat-mitzvah, to strengthen their connection to their heritage.

Our Board

Our community constantly strives to provide a safe space for everyone. We welcome everyone to participate in our services, as well as community meetings and value your thoughts, opinions, and advice to help us grow both as a community and personally.

The following people are some distinguished members of our board who have worked and continue to work towards creating this space of mutual growth and spiritual enlightening.

President of the Board
Vice-President of the Board
Honorary President of the Board
Website Manager

What People Say

My family and I have always felt welcomed in Esch. The service is multilingual, open-minded, and insightful.

The place to be for open-minded, liberal and progressive Jews in Luxembourg. With a young and dynamic rabbi.

A great community for those seeking to expand their Jewish heritage and learn about the history that connects us.