This Week in Our Community

Wednesday – Friday 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Service

Friday, 27 May, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, 28 May, 10:30-12:00
Torah Brunch

Torah Weekly Portion
My Laws
Leviticus 26:3-27:34
God promises blessings to the Children of Israel if they follow the law and warns about the curses that will befall the people if they do not observe God’s commandments. (26:1-46)
Gifts made to the Sanctuary whether by conditional vows or by unconditional acts of pious gratitude are discussed. (27:1-34)

Haftarah: Jeremiah 16:19-17:14

This Week in Our Community

Monday – Friday 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Service

Wednesday, 18 May, 19:00-21:00
Introduction to Judaism course

Friday, 20 May, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
On Mount [Sinai]
Leviticus 25:1-26:2
God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites that in every seventh year, the land shall observe a Sabbath of complete rest: Fields should not be sown and vines should not be pruned. (25:1-7)
After forty-nine years, a jubilee year is to be celebrated when all the land that had been sold during that time should be returned to its original owners and slaves are to be freed. (25:8-55)
God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites not to make idols, to keep the sabbath, and to venerate the sanctuary of the Eternal. (26:1-2)

Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27

This Week in Our Community

Tuesday – Friday 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Service

Friday, 13 May, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, 14 May, 15:00-17:00
European Pride Shabbat Mincha
(online, zoom link will be provided closer to the event)

Torah Weekly Portion
Leviticus 21:1−24:23
Laws regulating the lives and sacrifices of the priests are presented. (21:1-22:33)
The set times of the Jewish calendar are named and described: the Sabbath, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Pilgrimage Festivals of Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot. (23:1-44)
God commands the Israelites to bring clear olive oil for lighting the sanctuary menorah. The ingredients and placement of the displayed loaves of sanctuary bread are explained. (24:1-9)
Laws dealing with profanity, murder, and the maiming of others are outlined. (24:10-23)


Haftarah: Ezekiel 44:15-31

This Week in Our Community

Wednesday, 4 May, 19:00-21:00
Introduction to Judaism course 

Thursday, 5 May
Yom Haatzmaut

Friday, 6 May, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
– Moses Grodensky, grandfather of Rabbi Alexander Grodensky (5 Iyar-6 May)

Sunday, 8 May, 12:00
Israeli potluck BBQ & pre-Europe Day celebration 
We provide meat and veggie sausages, bring a salad or parve dessert to share.

Torah Weekly Portion
[You Shall Be] Holy
Leviticus 19:1-20:27
Summary God issues a variety of commandments, instructing the Israelites on how to be a holy people. (19:1-37)
Various sex offenses are discussed and punishments for them are presented. (20:1-27)


Haftarah: Amos 9:7-15

Yom Haatzmaut BBQ

Yom Haatzmaut BBQ and pre-Europe Day celebration
BBQ de Yom Haatzmaut et celebration en amont de la Journée de l’Europe

Dear friends,
On 8 May we will have a free BBQ in our synagogue! It will be on the occasion of both Yom Haatzmaut and Europe Day. We will provide meat and veggie sausages. Please bring a salad (no milk products) to share. In order to know how many people will turn up, please register by Wednesday 4 May.
Chag sameach!
Chers amis,
Le 8 mai nous organiserons un BBQ dans notre synagogue! Ce sera à l’occasion de Yom Haatzmaut et de la Journée de l’Europe. Amenez une salade (sans laitages) à partager. Merci de vous enregistrez d’ici le mercredi 4 mai.
Chag sameach !

This Week in Our Community

Monday & Thursday 10:00-10:30 (zoom)
Weekday Morning Prayer

Wednesday, 27 April, 19:30
(zoom, different link)

Yom HaShoah 2022
L’accord sur les spoliations des Juifs au Luxembourg, un bilan, un an après
(more info below)

Thursday, 28 April
Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day

Friday, 29 April, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
Acharei Mot II
II אַחֲרֵי מוֹת
After the Death [of the Two Sons of Aaron]
Leviticus 18:1–30
Moses condemns the sexual practices of some neighboring peoples. Certain forms of sexual relations are prohibited. (18:1-30)

Haftarah: Ezekiel 22:6-19 [historic: I Samuel 20:18-42], Machar Chodesh

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 15 April – Friday, 22 April
Pessach – Passover
Zoom morning services on 17-22 April: 10:00-10:40

Thursday, 21 April, 19:00
Seventh Day Pesach In Solidarity With Ukrainian Jewish Community registration required

Friday, 22 April, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
End of Pessach: 21:30

Torah Weekly Portion
Acharei Mot I
I אַחֲרֵי מוֹת
After the Death [of the Two Sons of Aaron]
Leviticus 16:1–17:16

The duties that the head kohein must perform on Yom Kippur are delineated and the ceremony of the scapegoat is outlined. (16:1-28)
Moses instructs Aaron about the Yom Kippur laws for fasting and atonement. (16:29-34)
Warnings are issued against the offering of sacrifices outside the Sanctuary and the consumption of blood. (17:1-16)  


Haftarah: Ezekiel 22:1-14

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 15 April – Friday, 22 April
Pessach – Passover
Khametz consumption deadline: 11:18 AM
Zoom morning services on 17-22 April: 10:00-10:40

Friday, 15 April, 19:00-23:00
Kabbalat Shabbat followed by Pessach community seder at 19:45 (sharp)

Torah Weekly Portion
Yom Rishon shel Pesach
יוֹם רִאשׁוֹן שֶׁל פֶּסַח
1st Day of Passover
Exodus 12:37-42, 13:3-10 
We read that a “mixed multitude” of people fled Egypt with the Israelites. With no time to wait, they took the cakes from their oven before they had time to rise. By God’s mighty hand, our ancestors fled the house of bondage and were brought to “a land flowing with milk and honey.” As a reminder of God’s redemption, we are instructed to eat only unleavened bread during Passover. Furthermore, the text tells us to explain to our children, “It is because of what God did for me when I went free from Egypt.” The Hebrew word for explain, v’higgadta, has the same root as Haggadah, the book from which we read on Passover. In doing so, each year we fulfill the sacred obligation to tell this story to our children. It is this story, more than any other that is central to Judaism. God redeemed us from slavery and we therefore know the heart of the stranger.  

Haftarah: Isaiah 43:1-15 [historic: Joshua 5:2-6:1]; Song of Songs is read

This Week in Our Community

Friday, 1 April
Our next service will be on 8 April. Notre prochain office sera le 8 avril.

Torah Weekly Portion
Bearing Seed
Leviticus 12:1−13:59
God describes the rituals of purification for a woman after childbirth. (12:1-8)
God sets forth the methods for diagnosing and treating a variety of skin diseases, including tzara-at (a leprous affection), as well as those for purifying clothing. (13:1-59)  


Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-25 [historic: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18]

Passover Dinner

Dear friends,
Pessach is approaching fast.

We’ve been in touch with those who ordered matsot. For those who still need some, please get in touch with us via e-mail – the price list is attached and we have some stock left.

Our Seder will take place on Friday 15 April at 7.45 pm. It will be preceded by a short service at 7 pm sharp.

The menu is as follows:
Red Borscht with vegan sour cream
Beef roast with gravy / Nut roast or meatballs with vegan gravy
Green vegetable of the day, parsley potato
Fresh strawberries, Chocolate Matza, stuffed dates, lemon tart, walnut cake

Costs: €35 for members, €55 for non-members

Please register before 4 April and tell us whether you want a meat or vegan option. Your registration will only be confirmed after payment on our bank account

LU62 0020 1115 0760 0000

If you use Payconiq please add €3 per transaction. Places are limited.

Wishing you all already a wonderful upcoming Pessach holiday!

Cher/e/s ami/e/s,

Pessah approche à grands pas.

Nous avons été en contact avec ceux qui ont commandé des matsot. Pour ceux qui en ont encore besoin, merci de nous contacter par courriel – la liste des prix est jointe et nous avons encore du stock.

Notre Seder aura lieu le vendredi 15 avril à 19h45. Il sera précédé d’un office court à 19 heures précis.

Le menu est le suivant :
Bortsch rouge avec crème fraîche végétalienne / soupe de crème fraîche végétalienne
Rôti de bœuf avec sa sauce / Rôti de noix ou boulettes de viande avec sauce végétalienne
Légume vert du jour, pomme de terre persillée
Fraises fraîches, Matza au chocolat, dattes farcies, tarte au citron, gâteau aux noix

Tarifs : 35 € pour les membres, 55 € pour les non-membres

Veuillez-vous inscrire avant le 4 avril et nous dire si vous souhaitez une option viande ou végétalienne. Votre inscription ne sera confirmée qu’après paiement sur notre compte bancaire

LU62 0020 1115 0760 0000

Si vous utilisez Payconiq, veuillez ajouter 3 € par transaction. Les places sont limitées.
Nous vous souhaitons déjà à toutes et à tous une merveilleuse fête de Pessah!