Our Story So Far

Our community was founded in the late nineteenth century. The first synagogue in Esch-sur-Alzette was completed in 1899, and for forty years the community flourished. Unfortunately the synagogue was destroyed during the Second World War. Today, its remnants can be seen in Place de la Synagogue, just up the street from our current building. Throughout Occupied Europe, many members of our community were deported and killed by the Nazis, their names are recorded on a monument erected on the site of the old synagogue.

In 1954, the current synagogue was constructed on Rue du Canal. Its structure recalls its predecessor, and its stained-glass windows are a striking feature of its design, especially in sunlight. Since the war the community has been led by several ministers, the last of whom, Victor Portal, retired in 2008. That same year the community, led by its pioneering President, Robi Wolf, decided to take on a new direction. They appointed a liberal rabbi from England, Nathan Alfred, and began to create an open and inclusive community for Jews throughout Luxembourg and its environs.

What We Do

Judaism in Luxembourg

Check out our guide and tips to get by in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, including where to get kosher products and more!

Learn About Judaism

Discover our weekly talmud torah meetings, summer camps, Hebrew lessons, and about the community.

Prayer and Spirituality

Find out about our Shabbat services, our prayer book, and information about why we pray and our religious festivals.

Life Events

Information about the many stages of life: Birth, Bney Mitzvah, Marriage, Illness & Death, and more.

Religious Leadership

Get to know the history of the Rabbis and Ministers that worked hard to forge our community as we are today.

Choosing Judaism

Learn more about the process of converting to Judaism, customs and traditions, and our community in general.

Our Values

We are an open-minded, welcoming community aimed at developing Jewish culture in Luxembourg. We value tradition and modernity, and above all, respect for one another. Our members include:

  • Ashkenazim & Sepharadim
  • Traditional, religious, and secular Jews
  • Mixed-faith couples
  • Expats and Jews from all over the world

Our Events

About Us

Our goal is to create an exciting and dynamic Jewish community, celebrating the reality and the diversity of modern Jewish life in Luxembourg.

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