This Week in Our Community

All events continue via zoom (contact us to participate).

Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Prayer, followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot (except for Monday, 21 December)

Wednesday, 23 December, 19:00-20:00 (external, zoom)
Vortragsreihe: Jüdische Philosophen
Simone Simhah Luzzatto
von Prof. Giuseppe Veltri (Hamburg)

Friday, 25 December, 18:30-20:30
18:30-19:00 Community Talk
19:00-20:30 Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
Vayigash – And [Judah] Approached [Joseph]
Genesis 44:18-47:27

• Judah pleads with Joseph to free Benjamin and offers himself as a replacement. (44:18-34)
• Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them for selling him into slavery. (45:1-15)
• Although the famine still rages, Pharaoh invites Joseph’s family to “live off the fat of the land.” (45:16-24)
• Jacob learns that Joseph is still alive and, with God’s blessing, goes to Egypt. (45:25-46:33)
• Pharaoh permits Joseph’s family to settle in Goshen. Pharaoh then meets with Jacob. (47:1-12)
• With the famine increasing, Joseph designs a plan for the Egyptians to trade their livestock and land for food. The Israelites thrive in Egypt. (47:13-27)

Haftarah: Ezekiel 37:15-28

This Week in Our Community

Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Prayer (zoom)
Followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot

Sunday, 13 December, 19:00-19:30 (zoom)
4 Candles of Hanukkah

Monday, 14 December, 19:00 (external, zoom)
WUPJ Hanukkah Gala

Tuesday, 15 December, 19:00-19:30 (zoom)
6 Candles of Hanukkah

Wednesday, 16 December, 19:00-19:30 – in RUSSIAN
Candles of Hanukkah Online event organised by the WUPJ
р. Гроденский: Универсальные уроки в музыкальном
Дмитрия Карпенко, Кантора Московской либеральной общины

Wednesday, 16 December, 19:40-21:00 (zoom)
Introduction to Judaism: Hanukkah Stories

Mittwoch, 16 Dezember, 19:00-20:00 (zoom) – in GERMAN
Vortragsreihe: Jüdische Philosophen
Hillel ben Samuel von Veronavon Prof. Yossef Schwartz (Tel Aviv, München)

Thursday, 17 December, 19:00 (external, zoom) – in FRENCH
8 Candles of Hanukkah
La Fédération du judaïsme libéral vous invite à l’allumage de la 8ème bougie avec le rabbin Tom Cohen (Kehilat Gesher, Paris), suivi d’une conférence de Iannis Roder: «Pourquoi la laïcité en France et à l’école?» animée par le rabbin Daniela Touati (Keren Or, Lyon)

Friday, 18 December, 18:30-20:30 (zoom)
18:30-19:00 Community Talk
19:00-20:30 Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
Miketz – After [Two Years]
Genesis 41:1−44:17

• Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s two dreams and predicts seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. (41:1-32)
• Pharaoh places Joseph in charge of food collection and distribution. (41:37-49)
• Joseph marries Asenath, and they have two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. (41:50-52)
• When Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to buy food during the famine, Joseph accuses them of spying. He holds Simeon hostage while the rest of the brothers return to Canaan to retrieve Benjamin for him. (42:3-42:38)
• The brothers return to Egypt with Benjamin and for more food. Joseph continues the test, this time falsely accusing Benjamin of stealing and declaring that Benjamin must remain his slave. (43:1-44:17)

Haftarah: I Kings 3:15 – 4:1

This Week in Our Community

Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Prayer
Followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot

Wednesday, 9 December, 19:00-20:30
NEW course: Kashrut. 2nd Session:
Meat, Shechita (kosher slaughter), Milk & Meat mixtures & “kosherisation” of pots and kitchen utensils.

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember, 19:00-20:00
Vortragsreihe Jüdische Philosophen (Synagoge Pestalozzi Straße Berlin)
RaMBaM (Maimonides) mit Prof. Frederek Musal (Heidelberg)

Thursday, 10 December, 19:00-19:30
Lighting the First Hanukkah Candle

Friday, 11 December, 19:00-20:30
Lighting 2 Hanukkah Candles & Kabbalat Shabbat
18:30-19:00 Community Zoom Talk

Saturday, 12 December, 10:30-12:00
Torah Brunch – Book Club
Diskussion über das Buch von Rabbinerin Delphine Horvilleur
“Überlegungen zur Frage des Antisemitismus” (German/English)

Saturday, 12 December, 19:00-19:30
Havdalah & Lighting 3 Hanukkah Candles

This Week in Our Community

Morning Prayer
Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot

Wednesday, 2 December, 19:00-21:00
Introduction to Judaism Course: Key Bible Stories: Abraham

Friday, 4 December, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
Community Zoom Talk 18:30-19:00

Torah Weekly Portion : Vayishlach – [Jacob]
Genesis 32:4–36:43
• Jacob prepares to meet Esau. He wrestles with a “man,” who changes Jacob’s name to Israel. (32:4-33)
• Jacob and Esau meet and part peacefully, each going his separate way. (33:1-17)
• Dinah is raped by Shechem, the son of Hamor the Hivite, who was chief of the country. Jacob’s sons Simeon and Levi take revenge by murdering all the males of Shechem, and Jacob’s other sons join them in plundering the city. (34:1-31)
• Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin and is buried in Ephrah, which is present-day Bethlehem. (35:16-21)
• Isaac dies and is buried in Hebron. Jacob’s and Esau’s progeny are listed. (35:22-36:43)

Haftarah: Hosea 11:7-12:12

Hanukkah is approaching!
We will light the first candle on 10 December evening. Due to the pandemic, we will probably not be able to meet in person for our traditional community celebration. Instead we invite you to light the candles every evening of Hanukkah over zoom. We invite you all to make Hanukkah greeting cards at home, alone or as a family. Send your cards to the community address (until December 7) and we will send them out randomly to the community members and associates, as a sign of solidarity. Please, make as many cards as you can, so that every community member and associate could get at least one card.

This Weekend in Our Community

Kabbalat Shabbat
Tonight at 7pm.
Community talk from 6.30-7pm (Zoom).

Torah Brunch
Saturday at 10.30 am. We will talk about the Torah portion “Vayetze”.

Summary of the Parasha
Jacob dreams of angels going up and down a ladder. God blesses him. Jacob names the place Bethel. (28:10-22) Jacob works seven years in order to marry Rachel, but Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Leah, Rachel’s older sister. (29:16-25) Jacob marries Rachel but only after having to commit himself to seven more years of working for Laban. (29:26-30) Leah, Rachel, and their maidservants, Bilhah and Zilpah, give birth to eleven sons and one daughter. (29:31-30:24) Jacob and his family leave Laban’s household with great wealth. (31:1-32:3)

Cette semaine,
Office de Kabbalat Shabbat à 19h00 avec une discussion entre membres auparavant (18h30-19h00, sur zoom).
Samedi : Torah brunch autour de la Parachah (Vayetze) à 10h30 (zoom).

Dës Woch,
Kabbalat Shabbat
Freides: um 19 Auer. Do virdrun eng open Diskussioun tëschent den Memberen (18.30-19.00, iwwert zoom).
Samsdes: Torah Brunch iwwert d’Parashat haShavua (Vayetze) um 10.30 (och iwwert zoom).

Hanukkah Cooking Classes

Dear Friends, 
We are delighted to announce that we organise for the next 3 Sundays at 2:00pm Zoom based cooking classes.  The classes will focus on making Hanukkah oriented foods such as Latkes, Doughnuts and Challah. 
The classes will start at the following times and last for one hour:
29th November 2:00pm
6th December 2:00pm
13th December 2:00pm
An invite with more details together with the ingredients list will be sent out on the Wednesday before each class.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks for your help.
Chers amis,
Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer que nous organiserons les 3 prochains dimanches à 14h00, des cours de cuisine basés sur Zoom.  Les cours se concentreront sur la préparation de mets typiques de Hanoukka tels que les latkes, les beignets et la challah.
Les cours commenceront aux heures suivantes et dureront une heure:
29 novembre 14h00
6 décembre 14h00
13 décembre 14h00
Une invitation avec plus des détails ainsi que la liste des ingrédients sera envoyée le mercredi avant chaque cours.
Nous avons hâte de vous voir à cette occasion.
Merci pour votre aide.

This Week in Our Community

Weekday Morning Prayer
Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot.

Friday, 13 November, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
(18:30-19:00 Community Talk)
Jahrzeit: Joseph Kratzenstein, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg 1946-1948
(27 Heshvan-14 November)

Saturday, 14 November, 10:30-11:30
Shabbat Morning Service

Torah Weekly Portion
Chayei Sarah – The Life of Sarah 
Genesis 23:1–25:18

  • Abraham purchases the cave of Machpelah in order to bury his wife Sarah. (23:1-20)
  • Abraham sends his servant to find a bride for Isaac. (24:1-9)
  • Rebekah shows her kindness by offering to draw water for the servant’s camels at the well. (24:15-20)
  • The servant meets Rebekah’s family and then takes Rebekah to Isaac, who marries her. (24:23-67)
  • Abraham takes another wife, named Keturah. At the age of one hundred and seventy-five years, Abraham dies, and Isaac and Ishmael bury him in the cave of Machpelah. (25:1-11)

This Week in Our Community

Weekday Morning Prayer
Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30

Wednesday, 4 November, 19:00-21:00
Introduction to Judaism Course: Torah Stories. Garden of Eden.

Friday, 6 November, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat
(18:30 -19:00 Community Talk)

Torah Weekly Portion
Vayera – I (God) Appeared [to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob] 
Genesis 18:1–22:24

Abraham welcomes three visitors, who announce that Sarah will soon have a son. (18:1-15)
Abraham argues with God about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. (18:16-33)
Lot’s home is attacked by the people of Sodom. Lot and his two daughters escape as the cities are being destroyed. Lot’s wife is turned into a pillar of salt. (19:1-29)
Lot impregnates his daughters, and they bear children who become the founders of the nations Moab and Ammon. (19:30-38)
Abimelech, king of Gerar, takes Sarah as his wife after Abraham claims that she is his sister. (20:1-18)
Isaac is born, circumcised, and weaned. Hagar and her son, Ishmael, are sent away; an angel saves their lives. (21:1-21)
God tests Abraham, instructing him to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. (22:1-19)

This Week in Our Community

Weekday Morning Prayer (Zoom)
Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Not on Wednesday, 28 October and Thursday, 29 October

Friday, 30 October, 19:00-20:30 (Zoom)
Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, 31 October, 10:30-12:00 (Zoom)
Torah Brunch – Book Discussion (DE/EN)
Shlomo Sand, “Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes. Israel’s Gründungsmythos auf dem Prüfstand” – “The Invention of the Jewish People”

This Week in Our Community

Weekday Morning Prayer (Zoom)
Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30

Wednesday, 21 October, 19:00-21:00 (Zoom)
Introduction to Judaism Course (19:00-19:30 Hebrew Reading)

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober, 19:00 (Zoom, extern)
Vortragsreihe: Jüdische Philosophen – von Philon bis BorowitzEinführung: Was ist jüdische Philosophie? von Dr. Reimund Leicht (Jerusalem)

Friday, 23 October, 18:30-20:30 (Zoom)
18:30-19:00 Community Talk (join us for an informal chat before the service) (NEW!)
19:00-20:30 Kabbalat Shabbat with David Weis