This Weekend in Our Community

Kabbalat Shabbat
Tonight at 7pm.
Community talk from 6.30-7pm (Zoom).

Torah Brunch
Saturday at 10.30 am. We will talk about the Torah portion “Vayetze”.

Summary of the Parasha
Jacob dreams of angels going up and down a ladder. God blesses him. Jacob names the place Bethel. (28:10-22) Jacob works seven years in order to marry Rachel, but Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Leah, Rachel’s older sister. (29:16-25) Jacob marries Rachel but only after having to commit himself to seven more years of working for Laban. (29:26-30) Leah, Rachel, and their maidservants, Bilhah and Zilpah, give birth to eleven sons and one daughter. (29:31-30:24) Jacob and his family leave Laban’s household with great wealth. (31:1-32:3)

Cette semaine,
Office de Kabbalat Shabbat à 19h00 avec une discussion entre membres auparavant (18h30-19h00, sur zoom).
Samedi : Torah brunch autour de la Parachah (Vayetze) à 10h30 (zoom).

Dës Woch,
Kabbalat Shabbat
Freides: um 19 Auer. Do virdrun eng open Diskussioun tëschent den Memberen (18.30-19.00, iwwert zoom).
Samsdes: Torah Brunch iwwert d’Parashat haShavua (Vayetze) um 10.30 (och iwwert zoom).

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