This Week in Our Community

Monday-Friday, 10:00-10:30
Weekday Morning Prayer (zoom)
Followed by a 5-minute-study of Mishnah Tractate Berakhot

Sunday, 13 December, 19:00-19:30 (zoom)
4 Candles of Hanukkah

Monday, 14 December, 19:00 (external, zoom)
WUPJ Hanukkah Gala

Tuesday, 15 December, 19:00-19:30 (zoom)
6 Candles of Hanukkah

Wednesday, 16 December, 19:00-19:30 – in RUSSIAN
Candles of Hanukkah Online event organised by the WUPJ
р. Гроденский: Универсальные уроки в музыкальном
Дмитрия Карпенко, Кантора Московской либеральной общины

Wednesday, 16 December, 19:40-21:00 (zoom)
Introduction to Judaism: Hanukkah Stories

Mittwoch, 16 Dezember, 19:00-20:00 (zoom) – in GERMAN
Vortragsreihe: Jüdische Philosophen
Hillel ben Samuel von Veronavon Prof. Yossef Schwartz (Tel Aviv, München)

Thursday, 17 December, 19:00 (external, zoom) – in FRENCH
8 Candles of Hanukkah
La Fédération du judaïsme libéral vous invite à l’allumage de la 8ème bougie avec le rabbin Tom Cohen (Kehilat Gesher, Paris), suivi d’une conférence de Iannis Roder: «Pourquoi la laïcité en France et à l’école?» animée par le rabbin Daniela Touati (Keren Or, Lyon)

Friday, 18 December, 18:30-20:30 (zoom)
18:30-19:00 Community Talk
19:00-20:30 Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
Miketz – After [Two Years]
Genesis 41:1−44:17

• Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s two dreams and predicts seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. (41:1-32)
• Pharaoh places Joseph in charge of food collection and distribution. (41:37-49)
• Joseph marries Asenath, and they have two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. (41:50-52)
• When Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt to buy food during the famine, Joseph accuses them of spying. He holds Simeon hostage while the rest of the brothers return to Canaan to retrieve Benjamin for him. (42:3-42:38)
• The brothers return to Egypt with Benjamin and for more food. Joseph continues the test, this time falsely accusing Benjamin of stealing and declaring that Benjamin must remain his slave. (43:1-44:17)

Haftarah: I Kings 3:15 – 4:1