Learn About Judaism

Jewish learning is a life-long process, and our community offers different opportunities for adults to learn more about their heritage.

There are weekly classes in Modern Hebrew, led by a professional teacher, Nirit Green. The rabbi also offers regular classes in rabbinic literature, including an introduction to Talmud and Midrash.

There are also classes for those interested in converting to Judaism, and a Saturday morning Torah breakfast to study the weekly Torah portion.

Talmud Torah

We hold regular Talmud Torah sessions, often led by the rabbi, aiming to increase the Jewish knowledge of our children in a fun and warm environment. These are often connected to the festival calendar.

Adult Education

Our aim is to make learning an interesting, stimulating, sociable and life-long experience. We welcome all who are seeking to experience Judaism’s universal spiritual ideals regardless of religious background. 

Our intention in adult education is not only to learn from the riches of Jewish tradition, but also to use that learning to deepen our prayer experience and to sensitise ourselves to the need for social action and social justice work. 

Whether it is one of our Torah Brunches to discuss the Parashat Hashavua (Torah weekly portion), a conference or dinner with an outside guest we provide all sorts of education opportunities for people of all ages. 

Introduction to Judaism

Want to get back to the basics of Jewish life and values? This could be the class for you. Join our Rabbi to explore the Jewish Life Cycle, the meaning of our Holy Days, what we might mean when we say the word “God”, and how we can be religious people in the modern world.

Hebrew Language

Participants of the Introduction to Judaism course have an opportunity to develop their Hebrew reading skills and learn basic prayer book vocabulary. We do not offer in house Modern Hebrew classes, but we can refer you to teachers who can help you further.

Bney Mitzvah

The rabbi works with each child individually in preparation for their bar or bat mitzvah. For this special day, each child is expected to lead some of the prayers, chant from the Torah, and give a speech explaining the weekly parasha.

Adult Bney Mitzvah

Never celebrated becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah as a 13 year-old?  Always wanted to do so? This programme is open to any member of the community who has not previously had the opportunity to publicly celebrate Bar or Bat Mitzvah. 

Summer Camps

For teenagers there are opportunities to join trips and other activities with kids from neighbouring liberal communities. We encourage our youth to participate in Jewish summer camps in France, Germany, the UK and the United States organised by our movement all over the world. Post Bney Mitzvah are invited to join the progressive youth movements in Europe (Netzer and Tamar).