Judaism in Luxembourg

There are two synagogues in Luxembourg: ours in Esch-sur-Alzette, and another one in Luxembourg City. Between us we serve a community of approximately 1,200 Jews who live in the Grand-Duchy.

Judaism in Luxembourg has a tradition of being liberal and tolerant. One of the first rabbis here was Samuel Hirsch, who later moved to the US and became a great thinker of nineteenth-century Reform Judaism. The Jewish community is well-integrated, with some of its members holding prominent positions in Luxembourg society.

Luxembourg has a few cultural institutions featuring the life of Jews in the country such as the National Museum of the Resistance (Le Musée National de la Resistance), the Deportation Memorial and Museum, as well as a Holocaust Memorial, and much more.

If you are looking for Kosher food, we can recommend the following places in Luxembourg to find some Israeli and kosher products :
Auchan (Kirchberg), Delhaize (Strassen), Monoprix (Gare, Limpertsberg), Sebbag (French Butcher who delivers to Luxembourg), and Calon (including challot).
For Israeli wines, we recommend the following Luxembourg-based importer: https://www.finebarrel.com/en/

Nowadays you can enjoy a 60-minute virtual tour of the city of Esch, available in both English and French and featuring different Jewish sceneries, by downloading the following APP on your smartphone. More information about this tour available here.