This Week in Our Community

Friday, 28 July, 19:00-20:30
Kabbalat Shabbat

Torah Weekly Portion
[Moses] Pleaded with the Eternal
Deuteronomy 3:23–7:11
Moses pleads with God to let him enter the Land of Israel with the people, but God once more refuses his request. (3:23–28)
Moses orders the Children of Israel to pay attention and follow the laws given by God in order to be worthy of the land they are about to receive. (4:1–40)
Specific areas of the land are set aside to serve as cities of refuge. (4:41–43)
The covenant at Sinai and the Ten Commandments are recalled. Once again, the people are exhorted to heed God’s commandments. (5:1–30)
Moses speaks the words of the Sh’ma, the credo of Judaism, and commands Israel to show their love for Adonai and keep God’s laws and ordinances. (6:1–25)
Moses warns the people not to commit idolatry by worshiping the gods of the nations they will conquer in Israel. (7:1–11)

Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26


Dear friends,

August is our traditional closing period, but this year we would like to offer you the possibility of two services, led by Ari Warshawsky on 11 August and David Weis on 25 August. However, we would like to make sure we have a minyan, so please let us know by mail at least two days before each service whether a) you’d like to attend & b) in person or on Zoom.

We also noticed that we are missing 10 Siddurim in our synagogue. If you have taken a siddur (new French-English one), please let us know by mail. We will also offer you the possibility to buy this siddur in future – again get in touch so we can add you to our next order.

Until then we wish you a wonderful summer and in view of the current drought, do pray for rain!

Your Board and rabbi 
Cher(e)s ami(e)s,

Le mois d’août est notre période de fermeture traditionnelle, mais cette année, nous aimerions vous offrir la possibilité de deux offices, menés par Ari Warshawsky le 11 août et David Weis le 25 août. Cependant, nous aimerions nous assurer que nous avons un minyan, alors veuillez nous faire savoir par courriel au moins deux jours avant chaque office si a) vous souhaitez y assister & b) en personne ou sur Zoom.

Nous avons également remarqué qu’il nous manquent 10 Siddourim dans notre synagogue. Si vous avez pris un siddour (nouveau siddour français-anglais), merci de nous le signaler par courriel. Nous vous offrirons également la possibilité d’acheter ce siddour à l’avenir – contactez-nous afin que nous puissions vous ajouter à notre prochaine commande.

D’ici là nous vous souhaitons un bel été et au vu de la sécheresse actuelle, priez pour la pluie !

Votre Comité et rabbin