This Week in Our Community

Friday, 3 September, 19:00-20:30 (zoom)
Kabbalat Shabbat
– Michel Sopher, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg (4 Elul-12 Aug),
– Charles Lehrmann, Grand Rabbi of Luxembourg (23 Elul-31 Aug)

Torah Weekly Portion
You Stand [This Day]
Deuteronomy 29:9–30:20
Moses tells the assembled people that God’s covenant speaks to them and to all of the generations who will follow. (29:9–14)
God warns the Israelites that they will be punished if they act idolatrously, the way the inhabitants of the other nations do. (29:15–28)
Moses reassures the people that God will not forsake them and that they can attain blessings by following God’s commandments. (30:1–20)

Haftarah: Isaiah 61:10-63:9