This Week in Our Community – Updated!

Monday-Friday 10:00-10:30 (zoom)
Weekday Morning Prayer

Wednesday, 2 June, 19:00-21:00 (zoom)
Basics of Hebrew: 19:00-19:30
Introduction to Judaism course

Friday, 4 June, 19:00 (external zoom)
A True European Shabbat

Saturday, 5 June, 10:30-12:30 (zoom)
Community Talk and Torah Brunch: Jewish views on surrogacy

Sunday, 6 June, 17:30
Annual General Meeting
Assemblée Générale

Dear Friends,
Experience an exciting and different virtual Shabbat service led by aspiring prayer leaders from all over Europe – from Sweden and Finland in the North to Portugal and Italy in the South!

Luxembourg is represented by Eleanor Sharpston!

The EUPJ’s new Baalei Tefillah program has enabled more than 30 students to acquire lay-leadership skills in a year-long course led by Rabbi Nathan Alfred, Head of International Development and Community Building at WUPJ. 

The service will take place in Hebrew and English. Come and enjoy the variety of accents, get a taste of the different styles, and meet fellow EUPJ members!

Contact us to register for the event. Registration is mandatory to attend.


 Our Annual General Meeting is taking place on 6 June 2021!
Agenda for the AGM:

1) Our rabbi will be on a partial sabbatical leave from September 2021 until the end of March 2022. Just as we are told to let our land lay fallow in order to rest the land after six years of growth, we understand that a valued rabbi too should have the chance to revitalise after six years of harvesting his creative fruits. During his partial sabbatical leave our rabbi will be available for several hours a week, lead services and teach on one Shabbat a month. In the rest of the time our rabbi plans to study and further his doctoral research, as well as spend quality time with his family.

2) I would therefore like to call upon all members who are ready to help lead services to get in touch with us. During the rabbi’s absence we will have visiting rabbis for holidays and on special occasions, but the usual Shabbat service will be led by me and other volunteers.

3) Finally, while the current Committee has been elected for two years, if anyone would like to be more active in the everyday management of our community, we can always use more hands!

I send you all my very best wishes of health and a speedy return to a sense of “normality”.


Torah Weekly Portion
Sh’lach L’cha – Send [Notables to Scout the Land]
Numbers 13:1−15:41
Moses sends twelve spies to the Land of Israel to report on the inhabitants and the country. Despite the positive report of Joshua and Caleb, the people are frightened. (13:1–14:10)
God threatens to wipe out the Children of Israel but relents when Moses intercedes on their behalf. To punish the people, God announces that all those who left Egypt would not enter the Land of Israel except for Joshua and Caleb. (14:11–45)
Moses instructs the Israelites regarding setting aside challah, the observance of the Sabbath, how to treat strangers, and the laws of tzitzit. (15:1–41)

Haftarah: Joshua 2:1-24